Algo Trading by Smart Disha Algo

  1. Algorithmic trading is also called Algo Trading or Robotic trading or  automated trading. It is software based set of  computer program that directs all trades through a pre planned  set of rules, also call Algorithms to execute a trade. Since these are done by system, these trades can generate out put ( Profit and loss as per market and risk profile) at very fast speed which is generally not possible by human being. Also, this Algo trading bypasses all human emotions in trading due to predefined rules on timing, price, quantity, or any mathematical model.

Step to be taken for Algo Setup:

  1. Contact Smart Disha Algo on 92652 82922 and send your details on WhatsApp
  2. You can have a look into various Algo strategies running by clients and can plan your Algo trade execution as per risk and reward.
  3. Refer to our Smart Disha Algo youtube channel for details on various strategies time to time.
  4. Once you have finalised your plan, you can deploy concern strategy into your demat account.
  5. We generally support Broker like IIFL, Sharekhan & Master Trust Broking for Algo Setup.
  6. Our team will help you out to setup your system and will educate how to manage all for a smooth operation.
  7. Once all set, you can plan your trades as per your wish.
  8. As you know all stock market trading is full of risk and reward, you should also know the risk & Reward involved in this trading.

Education and Training :


    1. You can refer Smart Disha Academy for training on stock exchange course for trading in Stocks, Future and options, Commodities and currency.
    2. You can plan your short term and long term goals with our diploma and advance diploma courses.
    3. Apart form manual training, you will be taught how to design your trading strategy along with the system based Algo.
    4. You will learn to design, backtest and implement as per your wish.
    5. After successful execution, you can also, manage others trade requirements too as a fund manager. For this, you should qualify certain NISM examinations.
    6. We’ll train you to on various qualifying exams and eventually with lots of practice, you will be able to clear these exams.
  1. Knowledge on Capital Market  with Practical    
  2. Knowledge on Equity Derivative Market ( Future & Option) with Practical 
  3. Knowledge on Currency Derivative Market ( Future & Option) with Practical 
  4. Knowledge on Commodity Market ( Future & Option) with Practical 
  5. Knowledge on Technical Analysis  with Practical along with designing various trading strategy along with introduction to Algo Stgy. 
  6. 6. Knowledge on Fundamental Analysis with Practical.
  7. Knowledge on Option Strategy with Practical along with Option Oracle software for almost all option strategy inbuilt. 
  8. Knowledge on Securities Operation & Risk Management with Practical.
  9. Investment Advisor with Practical.
  10. Knowledge on Research Analyst with Practical. 
  11. Advance Technical Analysis 
  12. Algo Trading Training with around 400 Stgy of Smart Disha Algo
  13. Hybrid Analysis with Live practical for portfolio Management followed by Internship on Live Fund.
  14. Building successful strategy for Portfolio Management 
  15. Smart Disha Personality development, Interview Preparation and   Entrepreneurship training guidance in Broking Business.

Course Duration: 10 Months ( 8 months + 2 Months internship on live account)